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We offer a Complete Engine Diagnostics Service

Most of today’s modern vehicles are controlled by electronics systems and on board computers. One of the most important to be built into vehicles is the Engine Management System.

The Engine Management System controls the whole of the combustion process, making the engine more efficient and with less emissions than ever before.

The system works by using sensors located on the engine. These sensors measure the speed and the temperature of the intake air as well as the speed and position of the crankshaft. This information is then processed and the end result is that of the fuel being delivered to the engine in precisely the correct amount at any given time.

Your vehicles computers also monitor things such as door and seat controls, anti-lock braking systems, lights, windows, power steering, suspension, dashboard, central locking… the list goes on

Engine Warning Light on?

When a warning light appears on the dashboard it means that something, somewhere is not functioning correctly A signal is then sent and a fault is logged into the computer control system.

With literally thousands of possible diagnoses for your car, it is imperative to correctly diagnose your car in order to keep you safe when on the road. That’s where our expert diagnostics service comes in. No matter what make or model your car might be, our highly experienced technicians will be able to find the source of the problem and fix it or replace it.

We have a wide range of state-of-the-art specialised computerised diagnostic equipment which can identify problems with the following: running faults, high emissions, airbag systems, electrical faults, braking system faults and air conditioning malfunctions quickly and accurately.

Our Diagnostic Services also Include:
  • Service interval and service light
  • Emission data, catalytic converter condition, oxygen sensor activity
  • Engine management system
  • Temperature sensors
  • ECU errors and knock sensors
  • ABS control unit and wheel speed sensors
  • SRS airbag control unit and airbag status
  • DSC vehicle anti skid controllers
  • Gearbox management system
  • Instrument panel and multi function steering wheel

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