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You don’t have to go to a Dealership to have your car serviced.

At Eastern Suburbs Auto Care we offer Log Book servicing according to the manufacturer Schedule which is tailored to your car’s age, make, model and mileage. By identifying issues in the car as part of a full car service, you can avoid potential or unexpected breakdowns.

You should have your car serviced every 5,000km to 10,000km, to ensure that all of the necessary operational aspects of the engine, such as oil, engine fluids and filters, are replaced.
Our highly trained technicians will give you the same level of service, using the same parts as a dealership, but for a much more competitive price, which can often save you up to 30%.

No need to worry about your warranty!

If your car is still within its warranty, this is the choice for you.

Too many motorists are not aware that you can have your new car serviced by any licensed service centre, instead of the main dealership. This is possible thanks to the new regulations, which were put in place to ensure that main dealerships were no longer to have a monopoly on the car servicing industry.

Eastern Suburbs Auto Care uses manufacturer service schedules in order to ensure that we are offering you the correct service for your vehicle’s needs. All the parts supplied are genuine or approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

After every service your Log Book will be validated by us therefore ensuring that your new car statutory warranty remains intact.

If your car is out of its warranty period

However, if your car is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s statutory warranty and you would rather opt for a standard service, check out our equally comprehensive Full Service.

Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service

A ‘Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service’ is where the vehicle manufacturer would suggest you this service and is based on the specific age and mileage of your vehicle. This recommendation comes from extensive research carried out by the manufacturer.

The research focuses on how their vehicles will age over time. It is this research that puts them in the best position to advise you on what will need to be checked and replaced as your vehicles age.

What Makes This Different From a Full Service?

In a Full Service there are a set number of checks that are carried out no matter what vehicle you have. This means that the service you receive is not unique to your vehicle and its current condition or age.

With a Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service, this is not the case – no two services are the same.

You Won’t Be Disappointed

Since a Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service follows the recommendations set out in the manufacturer’s handbook, you can rest assured that you will receive a truly high-quality service from qualified mechanics, all at a low competitive price.

To find out how much you can save on your next Full Manufacturer Scheduled Service call us today.


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