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A First class service for you and your Volvo

Reliability and safety go hand in hand with the Volvo name. At the same time, even well-constructed cars like the V40 and S60 do need a little TLC from time to time. Eastern Suburbs Auto Care wants to be your first choice in local auto garages when your Volvo is ready for a service or needs a repair.

With a pleasant and friendly staff that will always deliver service with a smile, we’re here to keep your car out of the shop and on the road. Our mechanics are both professional and talented, with an ability to find even the smallest of details that could be keeping your XC90 or V60 Cross Country from realising its potential.

Technical Ability At Its Finest

To become the best Volvo mechanics in town, we’ve put our money where it matters – on our staff and our equipment. In the case of the former, Eastern Suburbs Auto Care has hired Sydney’s best and it shows. Volvo owners in Sydney know that when they come to us, the job will be done perfectly and having to come back to our Bondi Junction shop for the same repair is simply out of the question. While mechanic knowledge is half of the equation, having the right equipment is also a necessity. With the latest engine diagnostics machines on the market and a full suite of repair tools, we’ve set our technicians up for success and they always deliver.

Validated Volvo Log Book Maintenance

After you’ve driven your new XC70 or S80 off the dealership lot, the first thing you need to do is sit down and take a look at the car’s specific log book maintenance requirements. Created based on in-depth research, these service tasks are designed to extend your Volvo’s life throughout the years, but not all log book service providers are created equally. The Eastern Suburbs Auto Care team makes it a point to know your log book tasks by heart and as an authorised independent garage, we can and will validate your vehicle with each service.

Volvo Air Conditioning Service

While your Volvo’s log book will indicate when mechanical updates need to be made, it’s unlikely that anything will be said about your car’s air conditioning unit. Related more to comfort than function, a working AC will do much to improve the driving experience when temperatures start to soar. Our full Volvo air conditioning service can be completed rapidly and our fair pricing means that comfortable driving won’t put a major hole in your wallet.

To learn more about how Eastern Suburbs Auto Care can help with your Volvo, feel free to give us a call. In addition to explaining the log book maintenance that needs to be done, we’re happy to give you our informed advice about any repair issues you may be having.

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